Police arrest singer from 'wedding of hate' video

Wedding singer, a child and an adult were charged with various infractions for their participation in the controversial wedding.

Yoni Kempinski,

Footage from the wedding
Footage from the wedding
Courtesy of Channel 10

Police arrested three additional participants in the controversial wedding whose video was shown far and wide in the Israeli media and displayed participants waving weapons in the air as well as picture of the dead baby from Duma, while the hebrew song “Zochreini Nah” was played by the band.

The arrested are two adults and one minor, and the police believe have stated that they plan to question them and then release them later today.

The minor is suspected of carrying a weapon during the dancing, while one of the adults is accused of breaking a restraining order by coming to Jerusalem. The third accused individual is the singer of the band, who sang the song to which people danced. 

The arrests represent the latest action by authorities since police announced a criminal investigation into the wedding, which featured dancers waving assorted weapons and pictures of the Palestinian baby Ali Dawabshe, who was murdered in the Duma arson attack last July.

Over the weekend a soldier from the Netzach Yehuda battalion was sent to 21 days in military incarceration for participating in the wedding, not properly protecting his weapon, and allowing others to use the weapon during the dance.

The soldier was tried by the Kfir Brigade Commander Col. Guy Hazut. He was also charged with standing by as he saw his weapon passed around and waved in the air, without trying to take the gun back.