Israeli Arab sentenced to 38 months for lynch

Mohammed Haj Yahyia threw fireworks into an Israeli Jew's car near Taibe in November 2014 - just because he was Jewish.

Ido Ben-Porat ,

Arab rioter throws bottle (illustration)
Arab rioter throws bottle (illustration)
Ahmad Gharabli/Flash 90

The Central District Court sentenced an Israeli Arab terrorist to 38 months in prison on Tuesday, for being involved in a lynch attempt against an Israeli Jew. 

Mohammad Haj Yahyia, of Taibe, confessed and was convicted of charges of injury with grave intent, incitement to violence, and racially-motivated sabotage. 

Yahyia ran a Facebook account with 4,000 followers, on which he posted numerous posts calling for terrorism against Jewish civilians and security forces during 2014, and provided encouragement and support for terrorists in the wake of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. 

Following the shooting of Hir Alhamdan by police in Kafr Kana, riots broke out in the Arab city of Taibeh in central Israel in early November 2014. 

During the ruckus, Yahyia took his vehicle out to commit a terror attack - approaching Israeli Jew Moshe German and speaking with him in Arabic to determine his ethnicity. When he saw German did not speak Arabic - and thus was presumably Jewish - Yahyia lit a pack of fireworks and threw them into German's vehicle. 

Yahyia later posted a photo of himself masked and with fireworks against the backdrop of a vehicle on fire. Earlier that day, he had thrown a set of fireworks at police. 

Judge Ruth Loreh noted Yahyia attacked German "only because he was Jewish," and that the attack was "ideological and nationalistic." At the same time, she noted, the terror attack had an added element of cruelty, as "the defendant found it necessary to be photographed and found time to get a picture and publish it, as detailed above." 

Loreh also rejected the defense's argument that German suffered only light injuries from the attack, noting that German's car was destroyed - and only was saved due to the vigilance and bravery of 37-year-old Israeli Arab Majdi Baloum, who pulled him to safety.