Terrorist took a knife and looked for Jews

Indictment filed Sunday against Raed Khalil for the murder of two Jews during attack in Tel Aviv's Panorama building last month.

Uzi Baruch ,

Scene of Tel Aviv stabbing
Scene of Tel Aviv stabbing
Moti Karelitz/ZAKA TEL AVIV

An indictment was filed with the Tel Aviv District Court on Sunday against terrorist Raed Khalil for the murder of Reuven Aviram and Aharon Yisayev last month. 

Khalil, a 36-year-old resident of Dura in Judea, was also charged with three counts of attempted murder. 

According to the indictment, the terrorist, a resident of the Palestinian Authority, had a permit to enter Israeli sovereign territory for "personal needs."

Having decided to kill Jews, with the hope that after committing murder he would die as a "martyr," Khalil grabbed a knife from a restaurant on the ground floor of the Panorama building in Tel Aviv and began searching for Jewish victims. 

Khalil went to the second floor of the building, where he came upon Aviram, 51, and Yisayev, 32. The two were reciting mincha (afternoon) prayers when Khalil brutally attacked them with his knife. 

Yisayev immediately lost consciousness and was pronounced dead at the scene. Aviram was brought to Ichilov Hospital and was declared dead upon arrival. 

Khalil then attempted to enter a makeshift synagogue on the building's second floor, but was locked out by worshippers. He made his way down to a shoe warehouse on the first floor, where he stabbed an employee who struggled with him. 

A man from the second floor who had followed Khalil downstairs struck him with an iron bar. Another employee from the shoe warehouse joined the man and together they succeeded in overpowering Khalil and preventing the death of another person. 

The third victim suffered multiple stab wounds was brought to Ichilov Hospital for treatment.