IDF holds surprise drill in the Gaza region

General staff drill to take place in southern region, with residents likely to feel heavy presence of vehicles and jets.

Kobi Finkler ,

IDF soldier (illustration)
IDF soldier (illustration)
IDF Spokesperson

The IDF on Wednesday is holding a surprise general staff drill in the southern region, so as to raise the army's preparedness.

In the drill the various Southern Command units will be deployed to practice a variety of potential operations, with a focus on the Gaza region and the western Negev.

Throughout the drill residents in the region are likely to feel the heavy presence of military vehicles and planes in the south, as well as in some of the coastal region.

In Eilat the IDF Medical Corps are to practice establishing a field hospital.

The public is asked to follow the instructions of security forces.

The IDF Spokesperson Unit emphasized that the drill was planned in advance, and is meant to preserve the combat readiness of the IDF for emergency situations.

In parallel to the drill, a surprise inspection of the Southern Command will be conducted by IDF Inspector Brig. Gen. (res.) Ilan Harari.

During the inspection, the inspection crews will examine the preparedness and readiness of the troops.