Watch: Netanyahu, Putin meet in Paris

Israeli and Russian premiers reiterate importance of military cooperation in light of Russia-Turkey crisis over Syria.

Tova Dvorin , | updated: 7:16 PM

Putin and Netanyahu meet in the Kremllin
Putin and Netanyahu meet in the Kremllin

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin met at the UN climate conference in Paris Monday, where they reiterated the importance of military cooperation over Syria and other regional conflicts. 

"Very dramatic developments have been happening," Putin began.

"But let me start by offering congratulations on the upcoming Hannukah event [sic]," he added, hailing the holiday for "celebrating the triumph of light over dark." 

"I hope that international affairs will have it this way as well." 

Putin thanked Netanyahu for cooperating with Russia militarily vis-a-vis Syria, noting that the deal has allowed accidental crosses of Russian airplanes into Israeli airspace to be overlooked without incident. 

"I think the events of recent days prove the importance of our coordination," Netanyahu responded. "Our attempts to cooperate with each other, to prevent unnecessary accidents, tragedies, and I believe that we have been successful." 

"Secondly, I think we are engaged in a big battle against militant Islam - the terrorism it stands for, the savagery and the barbarism," he continued. "I hope Israel and Russia can see eye-to-eye on all the strategic matters."