IDF resumes search for missing soldier Guy Hever

Divers searching in Golan water reservoirs. Senior IDF official says there is no new information on his whereabouts.

Ido Ben-Porat ,

Guy Haver
Guy Haver
Picture from Guy Haver's site

IDF divers have recently begun searching for the missing soldier Guy Hever in the Golan's water reservoirs. Hever disappeared 18 years ago.

An army official says that the searches are not based on new information about Hever but rather are attempted every so often. He added that they have the additional benefit of providing regular training exercises for the diving unit.

Hever was last seen on August 17, 1997, as he left the artillery base in the Golan, where he served. Clues to his whereabouts quickly dried up and his fate is still a mystery. Not even his gun has been found.