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Attack thwarted in Samaria; terrorists neutralized

Border police at Tapuah thwart attack; one terrorist dead, the other critically injured.

Tova Dvorin , | updated: 12:49 PM

Border Police at Tapuach junction
Border Police at Tapuach junction

Border Police thwarted a stabbing attack Friday afternoon, at the Tapuah junction in Samaria.

"Two Palestinians arrived at the Tapuah intersection a short time ago and attempted to stab Border Police officers protecting the site," the Border Police released in a statement. "The officers responded with precise gunfire and eliminated the terrorists." 

"There were no injuries to our forces," they added.

Border Police later clarified that one terrorist was eliminated; the second was neutralized and is reportedly in critical condition. 

An initial investigation reveals that the two approached a Border Police officer on a motorbike, then pulled out knives from their pockets to carry out the attack.

One of the Border Police who shot the terrorists dead apparently is an immigrant (olah) from France, who moved to Israel specifically to join the police force and protect Jews, Channel 2 reports. 

IDF forces and Border Police have descended upon the intersection in large numbers for the investigation, slowing traffic in the area.