Outraged Sharon-area mayors: We are at war

'Terror attacks have turned into an Electric Company attack,' Ra'anana's mayor blasts amid continued power outage 'anarchy' in the region.

Cynthia Blank ,

Rain in Israel (illustration)
Rain in Israel (illustration)
Yonatan Sindel / Flash 90

Mayors of cities in the Sharon region expressed outrage Wednesday over continued power outages in their cities, amid heavy rain and flooding across Israel. 

About 15,000 homes were disconnected from electricity Wednesday, hours after the Israel Electric Company (IEC) reported that power had been restored to all but a few customers. 

The power was returned a full three days after the flash storm that hit central Israel Sunday morning knocked out large parts of the electrical grid, affecting nearly 35,000 households.

"We are at war," the mayors stressed in conversation with Channel 2. "We need to establish a commission of inquiry over what happened here in the last few days."

Ra'anana Mayor Ze'ev Bielski described leaving his office this morning to help direct traffic jams on the city's streets.

"It started with two terror attacks in Ra'anana and now it's become an IEC attack," Bielski blasted. "In Ra'anana, the IEC didn't do the pruning only they can do under the high-voltage lines. We must examine what happened for over 70 hours here when people were without electricity."

Kfar Saba Mayor Yehuda Ben-Hamo also noted the weather conditions plaguing his city. "There is heavy flooding here. We hope a calming down of the rain will allow us to reach the [powerless] homes and take care of them." 

"The chaos of the electricity is behind us and now we have to deal with the floods. We prepare for them every winter but it's virtually impossible to prepare for a cloudburst this big in which dozens of millimeters of rain fell within minutes."

Herzliya Mayor Moshe Fadlon offered harsh criticism of the IEC's handling of the situation, adding that he too has left his office to help efforts to rescue those stranded by the weather. 

"It's anarchy, contempt on a national level," he slammed. "The train station was shut down and again there are power outages all over the city." 

"I am receiving phone calls from the elderly, people without oxygen, aged 90 alone in the house. They are furious and we are crying with them and helping. Dozens of relief teams are in the area, and I suspect we'll go a fourth night without electricity," Fadlon added. 

"A serious commission of inquiry must be established and not a committee that'll just sit there eating bourekas and drinking lemonade."