Third Stabbing Attack in Jerusalem

Video: 13-year-old boy with life-threatening injuries in stabbing attack in Pisgat Ze'ev; two terrorists carried out attack.

Ari Soffer , | updated: 4:30 PM

זירת הפיגוע בפסגת זאב
זירת הפיגוע בפסגת זאב
צילום: בן ציון שיפטין

Two people have been wounded in yet another stabbing attack by an Arab terrorist in Jerusalem, in the third such attack Monday.

The attack took place in the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze'ev, and was apparently carried out by two Arab youths aged 13 or 14, who pounced on a 25-year-old Jewish man and stabbed him repeatedly in the upper abdomen, wounding him seriously.

The attackers then ran down the road and spotted a 13-year-old Jewish boy, and stabbed him repeatedly as well, leaving him in critical condition.

A passing car then ran over one of them, while the second terrorist continued running.

A police officer who spotted the attack shouted at the remaining attacker to stop. Instead, the attacker ran towards him with his knife drawn and the officer opened fire, eliminating him.

The 13-year-old victim is in life-threatening condition. The second victim, aged 25, has been hospitalized in serious condition but is believed to be stable.


The latest attack came less than an hour after a border police officer was lightly wounded in a similar stabbing attack in Jerusalem.

As opposed to previous attacks, which were carried out by a single individual, both those attacks were carried out by two terrorists. - although in the Ammunition Hill attack only one of the terrorists actually managed to stab anyone.

It follows calls by Islamist leaders in Gaza for terrorists to work in groups so as to "kill more Jews."

That attack took place on Ammunition Hill; the terrorist was shot and critically wounded by the officer.

Prior to that attack, on Monday morning a terrorist attempted to stab a border police officer close to the Lion's Gate in the Old City, but was shot dead before he could harm anyone.