Video: Police Battle Rioters in Al Aqsa Mosque

Armed with a simple but ingenious new contraption, police face onslaught of firebombs, fireworks and boulders from Muslim extremists.

Ari Soffer ,

Riot police take on Al Aqsa Mosque rioters
Riot police take on Al Aqsa Mosque rioters
Flash 90

Israeli police have released footage showing officers battling Islamist rioters who camped out overnight in the Al Aqsa Mosque atop Jerusalem's Temple Mount complex.

In the video, police can be seen coming under attack from rocks, metal bars, fireworks and firebombs - with Muslim extremists even setting fire to their own barricades at the entrance of the mosque, threatening the building itself.

However, utilizing their new anti-rioter contraption - a massive metal mobile barrier - police successfully penned the rioters into the mosque, their projectiles bouncing harmlessly off until police were able to clear them.