'US Agrees with Israel's Opposition to Iran Deal'

Obama may have secured congressional support for nuclear deal, Jerusalem says, but majority of US supports Israel's opposition.

Hezki Baruch ,

Miriam Alster, Flash 90

Senior diplomatic officials in Jerusalem rushed on Thursday night to respond to the news that US President Barack Obama had secured the necessary congressional support to overcome opposition to the nuclear deal with Iran. 

"There is an overwhelming majority of the American public and members of Congress who are opposed to the agreement with Iran," one official in Jerusalem argued. 

"Even supporters of the agreement say the United States should further strengthen its relationship and alliance with Israel."

According to the officials, among US citizens there is great support for Israel's position and its staunch opposition to the West's deal with a regime that continues to call for its annihilation. 

"The consciousness that has been implanted in the American public is that Israel is an ally and Iran is the enemy who spreads terrorism."

"The US public agrees with the Israeli public and strongly opposes the agreement," the official added.