Gaza Rocket Explodes Near Border Fence

Rocket fired by Gaza terrorists explodes in an open area near the border fence. No injuries.

Ben Ariel ,

Gaza border fence
Gaza border fence
Flash 90

Gaza terrorists on Wednesday night fired a rocket towards southern Israel.

The rocket exploded in an open area in the Gaza Belt region, near the border fence. There were no injuries. Sirens did not sound in nearby communities.

Despite a ceasefire which was agreed upon at the conclusion of last summer’s Operation Protective Edge, terrorists continue to fire rockets at southern Israel on occasion.

Three weeks ago, Gaza terrorists fired a rocket into Israel. The rocket struck the Eshkol region, hitting an open field just north of Kisufim. There were no injuries.

Israel retaliated with an airstrike targeting a terrorist infrastructure belonging to Hamas in central Gaza.

A direct hit at the target was identified.

There have also been several incidents when rockets fired from Gaza missed the mark and exploded within the region.