Iran to Let Israeli Conductor in for Concert?

Talks being held to let Berlin Orchestra with conductor Daniel Barenboim into Tehran - will his 'Palestinian citizenship' get him in?

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Daniel Barenboim
Daniel Barenboim
Mohmad Hossam/propaimages/Flash 90

In a move possibly meant to change its perception in the world and finalize the nuclear deal, Iran is currently in negotiations to have Daniel Barenboim, a world renowned Israeli musical conductor born in Argentina, perform in Tehran - even as it continues to vow to annihilate Israel.

Barenboim is the musical director of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and German musical and cultural sites have been reporting in recent days that the Iranian cultural ministry is in contact with the orchestra to bring it to Tehran according to Yedioth Aharonoth.

Last month as the Iran nuclear talks were at their height just before the signing of the deal, sources at the orchestra said it was asked to accompany German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her first official visit to Tehran, should the deal be sealed.

The classical music site Slipped Disc reports that at the time contacts were started to clarify whether Barenboim would be able to receive a visa to visit Iran given his Israeli citizenship.

However he may be allowed in under special consideration - thanks to his radical pro-Palestinian views.

In 2008 Barenboim received "Palestinian citizenship" from the Palestinian Authority (PA) for his long-standing support of establishing a Palestinian state and bitter criticism of Israel.

Barenboim has also raised controversy in Israel for his avid promotion of German composer Richard Wagner, whose music and rabid anti-Semitism played an influence on the genocidal Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

While an official visit by Merkel to Tehran has yet to be announced, it was reported on Tuesday that talks arranging the trip for the orchestra are in full swing.

The head of the Iranian cultural ministry's music department, Baharan Jamali, confirmed on Tuesday that negotiations are taking place to bring the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra to Tehran for the first such performance since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

He did not directly address the question of whether Barenboim would be let in, or if the concert would be part of a visit by Merkel.