Terror Victim's Mother: Time for Death Penalty

Mohammed Abu Shahin indicted for June murder of Danny Gonen, goes wild in court; mother demands death penalty.

Hezki Baruch ,

Murdered in cold blood: Danny Gonen
Murdered in cold blood: Danny Gonen
Courtesy of the family

An indictment was filed with Ofer Military Court on Monday against Mohammed Abu Shahin, the accused murderer of Israeli terror victim Danny Gonen. 

Abu Shahin, 30, a resident of Qalandiya and a member of Fatah's "Tanzim" terror arm, is charged with gunning down Gonen by the Ein Bubin spring near Dolev in Samaria. 

Two more terrorists, accused of involvement in planning this and other similar attacks, were also indicted Monday. One of them is believed to have provided the ammunition used by Abu Shahin. 

When Abu Shahin was brought into the courtroom, he went ballistic and refused to stop swinging his arms as he made the victory sign with his fingers. 

Israel Prison Service officials accompanying Abu Shahid immediately removed him from the courtroom. Upon his return, he refused to stand when the judges entered the courtroom. 

Danny Gonen's mother, Devorah, entered the court, emphasizing her desire to see her son's murderer be sentenced to death. 

"The time has come for the death penalty," Gonen asserted. "Only the death penalty will bring back deterrence. My son went for a walk and they took his life. Whoever takes a life should have his taken in return."

Indictments were also filed Monday with the Ofer Military Court against members of the terrorist cell who shot Malachi Rosenfeld near Shvut Rachel ten days after Gonen was killed.