Who is Sharren Haskel?

Likud's possible newest MK is all over the political spectrum, a close look reveals. Is this the new Likud moderate?

Tova Dvorin ,

Sharren Haskell
Sharren Haskell

Sharren Haskel is due to be Likud's newest MK, according to Channel 2 report Friday - after the news outlet stated that MK Danny Danon would be resigning from his post to replace Ron Prosor as Israel's Ambassador to the UN. 

In a short Facebook chat Friday, she told Arutz Sheva that she is "very happy" and that a formal announcement of her entry into the Knesset has not yet been made.

Haskel, 30, is a Canadian native who made Aliyah to Israel with her family when she was just one year old; she lives in Kfar Saba. She has served previously as an officer in the Border Police. 

"I was the commander of the first female Bedouin unit," Haskel proudly stated in an interview on Likud's website before the previous election. She is currently in the process of finishing a B.A. in Political Science and International Relations through the Open University and is fluent in French and English as well as Hebrew. 

Political ambiguity?

Just falling short of the Knesset, Haskel was #31 on the Likud list. During her campaign, she emphasized the importance of separating the religious and political institutions in Israel as a means of narrowing the "enormous" gap between religious and secular Jews. 

She also backed, to some extent, communities in Judea and Samaria, noting she stands by a political leadership that holds that Israel has no negotiating partner in the Palestinian Authority (PA) because giving up "the Jordan Valley, or settlement blocs and cities, under any circumstances, would endanger state security." 

In a Ynet interview in June, Haskel was depicted as a “moderate” who could easily fit into a leftist party – whose top political issues include animal rights and the environment, and who believes in coexistence with Israel's Arabs and “understanding” them as a top priority.

Regardless of how she has been portrayed in the media, her Facebook page reveals support for a series of more "moderate" stances regarding domestic issues, including the partial legalization of medical marijuana, a focus on the environmental side of Israel's relationship with the PA (in one post, she thanks Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for calling to stop the PA polluting Israel's rivers), and support for the LGBT demonstration being allowed to be held at Bar-Ilan University in June. 

Gil Ronen contributed to this report.