Anti-Semitic Slurs Scrawled Across San Antonio

Over 30 Jewish homes, synagogues, and cars tagged with hate slurs in unprecedented anti-Semitic crime wave in Texas.

Tova Dvorin ,

Swastika graffiti (illustration)
Swastika graffiti (illustration)

An entire Jewish community has been targeted in Texas on Wednesday, as hundreds of people woke up to anti-Semitic vandalism on their cars, homes, and Jewish institutions. 

At least 30 separate tags appeared in San Antonio overnight Wednesday, most of which was aimed at cars around the Rodfei Sholom Synagogue; the slurs are unfit for Arutz Sheva to print. Some of the least offensive graffiti included "KKK" and simply: "Jew." 

One car had rocks thrown through its windshield. 

The synagogue serves some 300 Orthodox families, according to mySA.

“(We are) saddened and outraged,” said Howard Feinberg, a board member of the congregation, stated to the news outlet. “When we were finishing our morning prayers around 7 a.m., we became aware that in the neighborhood around our synagogue, there was a lot of graffiti of the anti-Semitic and racial nature.”

“(We are) outraged that in this day and age there are people who still live in their own minds and own worlds where it seems to be okay to hate people based on their religion." 

One local pastor, Pastor John Hagee, reached out to the Jewish community after the incident to show support, according to KEN5 news. 

The San Antonio police department has opened up an investigation.