Is This The Worst Pro-Iran Deal Video Ever?

What do Jack Black, Morgan Freeman and Queen Noor of Jordan have in common? They all want you to support the Iran deal. Convinced?

Ari Soffer ,

Morgan Freeman in pro-Iran deal video
Morgan Freeman in pro-Iran deal video
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With Congress set to vote on the recently-signed deal with Iran over its nuclear program, the Obama administration has enlisted the help of several high-profile celebrities to encourage US citizens to lobby their Congress members to vote for the deal.

Hollywood A-listers Morgan Freeman and Jack Black join Queen Noor of Jordan (stepmother of current King Abdullah II) and former CIA officer Valerie Plum, among several other big names calling on Americans to support the deal - or risked being nuked.

Parroting the White House's position, the video claims that the only alternative to the agreement with Iran is war - and possibly a nuclear attack against the US.

No doubt Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu - who has repeatedly outlined western powers' other alternatives to what he and others have branded a bad deal - would have something to say about that. As would most Americans, the majority of whom think Congress should reject the deal.

But perhaps the most striking aspect of the video is that even the most talented actors fail to convincingly pass the Iran deal off as a good idea.