Watch: Obama Echoes Clinton's Failed N. Korea Deal

Sound byte comparison shows Obama didn't just use same negotiators in Iran deal - sounds like he used same speech writers as well.

Ari Yashar ,

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama
Bill Clinton, Barack Obama

Not only has it been revealed that some of the very same American negotiators that sealed then-US President Bill Clinton's failed nuclear deal with North Korea in 1994 worked on President Barack Obama's similar deal with Iran signed last Tuesday - now it appears Obama even got the same speech writers.

The Washington Free Beacon on Monday released a compilation of public statements made by both presidents defending their respective deals, with an uncanny similarity noticeable between the two that would seem to bode ill for the Iran deal, given that Clinton's failed deal led North Korea to conduct its first nuclear test in 2006.

Clinton tried to get the Communist rogue state of North Korea to give up its nuclear program by giving it oil, nuclear technology and sanctions relief. Pyongyang took the benefits and ran all the way to a nuclear bomb, with Chinese experts warning it will have 40 nuclear weapons by next year.

As a result of the Clinton deal, North Korea was able to export nuclear technology to Syria and Iran as well.

In an eerily similar fashion, Obama in the deal is trying to convince Iran, the leading state sponsor of terror, to give up its nuclear program by granting it nuclear technology, between $100-150 billion in sanctions relief, as well as sanctions relief on its weapons trade and missile programs.

Restrictions on Iran's nuclear program will start ending in eight years, and by the time the deal ends the Islamic regime will be able to construct a nuclear arsenal immediately.

The deal also completely does not address Iran's key covert nuclear installations where its nuclear weapons program is thought to be hidden; likewise it promises that the West will train Iran to block sabotage attempts on its nuclear program.