Mysterious Explosions Shake Up Gaza

Six cars of senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials blown up in Gaza, likely as part of internal power struggle with ISIS.

Cynthia Blank ,

Gaza explosion
Gaza explosion

A series of mysterious explosions were heard Sunday morning in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City, as six cars belonging to senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials were set on fire. 

According to media reports in the Arab world, at least two terrorists were wounded in the attack, with some reports saying three. 

Israel has often attempted to eliminate major terrorists responsible for planning attacks against the Jewish state via targeted assassinations. 

Yet, while Israel has been fingered for similar cases in the past, reports in Gaza suggest this attack was conducted by Islamic State terrorists as part of an internal power struggle within Gaza. 

In recent weeks, Hamas has scrambled to maintain control over smaller terror groups inside the coastal enclave, who continue to act against its interests. 

ISIS-linked groups in Gaza have claimed responsibility for a series of rockets fired into Israel in recent weeks, amid Hamas efforts to come to a long-term ceasefire agreement with the Jewish state. 

These groups are also believed to be helping terrorist operatives in Egypt who belong to the ISIS affiliate Sinai Province, which has fired a barrage of missiles into Israel, as well.