'Democrats in Congress Can Prevent Nuclear War'

Former Israeli envoy to Washington, Yoram Ettinger, says Israel must persuade Democratic senators security trumps party loyalty.

Benny Tocker ,

US Capitol Building
US Capitol Building

Yoram Ettinger, a former Israel ambassadorial envoy to Washington, DC, is hopeful that a majority can be reached in Congress to reject the deal with Iran on its nuclear weapons program.

"The challenge now will be to persuade the Democratic senators to be loyal to their national security, even if this comes at the expense of their loyalty to a president from their party,” he told Arutz Sheva.

“Whoever does not agree to the deal today, may become a partner [in the responsibility for] a nuclear war that takes place in our generation, and he may become partner to a domino effect in which we see the collapse of all of the pro-American regimes in the Gulf.”

The two houses of Congress can stand firm against the deal, Ettinger observed. This requires enlisting 13 more Democratic senators and about 55 more Democratic congressmen to oppose the deal.

Ettinger argued that - contrary to accusations being made by opposition leaders - the deal is not a failure of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

The deal, he explained, cannot be blamed on the lack of chemistry between President Barack Obama and Netanyahu, which left-wing MKs blame Netanyahu for exacerbating via his aggressive lobbying against Obama's push for a deal.

Rather, the disagreement between the two reflects the fact that Obama thinks the Iranian regime can be made more moderate, whereas Netanyahu understands that the regime is megalomaniacal by its very nature.