Couple Narrowly Avoid Death in Rock Attack

Rock terror creeps northward: family escapes death when huge rock is dropped on car from bridge. Besides Arutz Sheva, the media is silent.

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The smashed windshield
The smashed windshield
Arik Hoyman

A Jewish couple narrowly averted death Saturday night in a terror attack that took place in central Israel, on Highway 6 (Kvish Shesh) that crosses Israel from north to south.

Tova Hoyman of Afula described the attack, which took place near the Arab town of Baka Al Gharbiya.

"We spent Saturday with our daughter in central Israel,” she told Arutz Sheva. “Shabbat ended late and we started driving home at around 11:30 PM. At around 12:30 AM we reached the Baka Al Gharbiya region and a huge rock was dropped on us from the bridge... A terrible, frightening boom. I immediately understood that it was a rock and told my husband to accelerate.”

The huge rock smashed the rear windshield in the Hoyman's car. As they drove away, Tova called the police and was told to stop the car and wait at the roadside for a police car to arrive. Tova refused.

"I told them that I have no intention of stopping at the roadside and we drove onward. I was seized by a terrible fear. I was trembling all over. I was very confused and I told them that I was going home and that they should send a police car to my home. I had numerous conversations with them on the way home. The Afula police sent a squad car to my home, wrote down a report and other than that, there was not much they could do.”

A great miracle 

"People think we can go on like this,” she said. “A road in central Israel, Highway 6, and people pretend that everything can go on as usual and that this is just a routine matter.” Hoiman noted that she grew up in Beit She'an and knew a schoolmate, Esther Ohana hy”d, who was murdered when Arabs threw a rock at her car in 1983. “A rock can murder,” she stated. “People don't understand this but there was a great miracle here. I thank God for the great miracle we merited.”

She noted that at the last minute, her daughter chose to stay for the night at another daughter's home instead of heading home with her parents. “The place where the rock struck is exactly the place where she usually sits. I cannot imagine what would have happened if she had been with us.”

Hoyman said she had not noticed any suspicious movement on the bridge before the attack. She protested the media's lack of interest in the attempted murder. “If it had been someone spray-painting 'price tag' graffiti, what would they have done? It would have opened all of the newscasts. When a synagogue was burned in Nazareth Illit no one noticed... Is there nowhere one can drive safely in our country?”

"The back windshield was smashed, but that was our luck, because they meant for the front windshield to be smashed, and then the driver would lose control and there would be an accident and their plans would succeed,” she explained. “We suffered panic and fear. We did not sleep all night.”

"This is a terror organization and the phenomenon must be quashed,” she stated. “He meant to murder us, that is clear.”