Officials Defend Commander Who Shot Terrorist Dead

Both senior military officials and the head of Samaria Regional Council defend IDF for stopping potentially lethal attack.

Tova Dvorin ,

IDF patrol (file)
IDF patrol (file)

A seemingly routine IDF self-defense procedure, in which Binyamin Region Brigade Commander Col. Yisrael Shomer shot dead a Palestinian rioter who attack his car with rocks in Qalandiya, has elicited strong reactions from defense officials and politicians Friday. 

Military officials affirmed to Walla! News that Shomer acted according to protocol.

"The images that come out left no doubt: this was a real danger to the unit," a senior official said. "The brigade commander responded decisively as expected of him. It is a place full of disturbances."

"It is important to emphasize the word 'stone' downplays what happened there," he added. 

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan also defended Shomer. 

"Only a few months ago we buried [4 year-old] Adele [Biton], who was murdered by rock-throwers," Dagan stated Friday. "The Binyamin Brigade operated in the manner required against an enemy who seeks to kill."

"I urge the defense minister and the prime minister to back the brigade's operation immediately, and to restore the sense of security for residents." 

The responses appear to be to the fact that Shomer shot the attacker dead when he refused to cease and desist, an act likely to garner condemnation from international media. 

Describing the necessity to use lethal force, and IDF spokesperson told AFP that "the forces called the suspect to halt and shot warning shots in the air. Once he continued hurling rocks at close range and in response to the imminent danger the forces fired towards the suspect."

On Tuesday evening, a terrorist attempted to ram his car into the same Qalandiya Checkpoint, screaming "Allahu Akhbar" (Allah is greater).

IDF forces stopped him after he tried to charge toward them on foot, as well; he was shot and neutralized at the scene.  

This is the latest attack in a wave of terror which has gripped Israel since the beginning of Ramadan last month.