Video: Arabs Attack Ramle Hesder Yeshiva

Local Arabs hurl improvised explosives at students, mounting an offensive once a week. Police do nothing.

Gil Ronen ,

Ramle Hesder Yeshiva
Ramle Hesder Yeshiva
Coby Hadad

Students at the new Hesder Yeshiva in Ramle, in central Israel, have been coming under nationalistic attack from local Arabs on a near-weekly basis – and now have video to prove it.

The attacks are mounted with rocks, explosive caps, firerackers and fireworks – and also with a more dangerous type of improvised bomb made from fireworks inside a glass bottle.

The latest attack occurred Saturday evening, or Motzei Shabbat. “At about eleven o'clock pm, two explosive caps were thrown into our campus,” Coby Hadad, 19, told Arutz Sheva Monday. “We called the police. While we waited the guys got restless and wanted to go out to find the people who threw them.

“They met us and started cursing us and calling us 'settlers' all while throwing fireworks at us. We went back into the school and they shot a bottle rocket at us; it landed two feet away from us.

“The police finally came,” recounted Hadad, “and all they told us was that there was nothing that they could do. We decided that if we stop playing basketball, it would mean that they won. Once the police left it started again.

“This time we it was serious fireworks; it hit the edge of the court. Sparks were flying and players were running. We called the police who ignored us and at one point yelled at us to stop calling. It ended at 1:30 am.

“The next night we were ready and had our cameras out. They threw one firework – the one you see in the video – and one of the guys filmed it and then followed up to get their faces. They ran away, covering their faces. the brush caught fire from the sparks.

“This morning they threw another firework but we only heard it because we were in morning class. At 11 am, the police finally came."

This is far from the first time the yeshiva was attacked. “They set fire to the brush a couple of times already and sent one of the guys to the hospital with a rock to the head. It has to end, we have only come out with it now because it's been going on for far too long. We knew they would react to us being here but it's time they get over it and it's time the police started doing their job.”