Report: Major Iranian Cyberattack Uncovered

Iranian hackers launched attack against 500 targets - 40 of them Israeli.

Tova Dvorin ,


Israeli cybersecurity company ClearSky has uncovered a massive Iranian cyber attack against Israel Sunday, days after Israel was accused of using similar measures to spy on talks between Iran and the West. 

Attacks were launched against 40 Israeli targets and 500 other targets worldwide, including against reserve generals in the IDF, a security consulting company, and researchers, the firm told Army Radio

Targets abroad include the Finance Ministry of a Middle Eastern country, Qatar's embassy in the United Kingdom (UK) and journalists and human rights activists. 

Company officials said that during the offensive, which began in July 2014, attackers used malware sent via email attachments and used social engineering techniques to infiltrate Facebook, email accounts, and phone lines. 

This attack is notable for being persistent in terms of how continuous it was, officials said, and that the attackers sent dozens of letters and made phone calls until they received the information they wanted. 

The report surfaces just days after a different cybersecurity firm accused Israel of being behind the Duqu 2.0 virus, which was found in the servers of three top European hotels being used for talks between Iran and the P5+1 powers over a framework nuclear deal.

Israel vehemently denied being involved in espionage.