Israeli Teachers Make 37% Less Than OECD Average

Central Bureau of Statistics finds that men make 15% more, on average, than women as well.

Tova Dvorin ,

Teacher (illustrative)
Teacher (illustrative)
Nati Shohat/Flash90

Israeli teachers make 37% less per year than the average in OECD countries, according to figures released by the Central Bureau of Statistics Tuesday.

The salaries of teaching staff at all stages of education in Israel was in 2012 for $31,000, compared to about $42,000 on average in OECD countries, the statistics reveal. 
The biggest gap is the difference in wages between teaching staff at the height of his or her career (ages 54-65) and the teaching staff at the beginning of the career (ages 25-34), where the gap is about 87% in pre-primary education and 109% at the secondary level.
Only Hungary and Greece were workers earning less than Israel during the early stages of the education career.

Teachers make the most in Luxembourg, where the novice teacher earns about $70,000. Denmark ranked second at about $50,000 and the US scrapes into third at just over $40,000.
The report also revealed that Israel is the biggest gap, wage differences between men and women compared to countries belonging to the OECD - around 15% in favor of men.