Two Youths Stabbed in Jerusalem on Shavuot

The youths, 17, were going to the Kotel for Shavuot Torah study when they were attacked by a terrorist.

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Stabbing attack (file)
Stabbing attack (file)
MDA Spokesperson

Two Jewish youths aged 17 were stabbed before dawn Sunday – the night of the Shavuot holiday – as they made their way to the Western Wall (Kotel), for the Shavuot tikkun, or all-night Torah study. The terrorist stabbed then on Beyt Habad Street, and escaped.

Magen David Adom emergency services teams gave the two initial medical treatment and evacuated them in moderate but stable condition to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. They were both stabbed in the upper body.

MDA paramedic Aluma Simon said that upon arrival, she saw the two boys seated on the sidewalk, a few meters apart. They were fully conscious.

A suspect was apprehended shortly afterward and a knife that apparently served for the attack was found in his home.