92% of Israeli Jews Say J'lem is Eternal Capital

Survey also finds support for mandating incorporating Jerusalem Day studies as part of the national school curriculum.

Tova Dvorin ,

Jerusalem Day celebrations at the Kotel
Jerusalem Day celebrations at the Kotel
Nicky Kelvin/Flash 90

The overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews support keeping Jerusalem as Israel's permanent capital, according to a poll published Sunday, with just 8% suggesting Israel capitulate to international pressure to move the capital to Tel Aviv.

The Herzog Academic College conducted the poll in honor of Jerusalem Day. 

The poll also examined the roll of Jerusalem, and the story of the 1967 Six-Day War, in education. 48% of respondents want both to be allocated mandatory hours as part of the national school curriculum; 24% qualify that special time should be dedicated only ahead of Jerusalem Day; and 28% believe that the subject is already taught well enough according to current educational requirements, according to Maariv.

By sector, 80% of Religious Zionist supported allocating more time to the subject in the official curriculum, vs. just 34% of secular Israelis; 72% of Jerusalemites advocated dedicating hours just for Jerusalem Day, vs. 46% from the Gush Dan/Tel Aviv area. 

Jerusalem Day currently is not considered a full national holiday, with a mandatory vacation day.

21% of respondents advocated declaring it as such, 5.3% responded that such a step is not necessary, and 26% supported mandating a half-holiday for Israeli schools, canceling classes and instead setting the day as a day of special ceremonies and tours around the city or other historical sites.