Jewish Home: Patience is a Virtue

Jewish Home party urges Central Committee members to be patient as coalition negotiations continue.

Hezki Baruch,

Netanyahu and Bennett
Netanyahu and Bennett
Miriam Alster/Flash 90

The Jewish Home party on Wednesday evening urged its members to exercise patience as coalition negotiations with the Likud party continue.

In a letter to members of the Jewish Home’s Central Committee, the party’s representatives to the negotiations wrote:

Good evening friends,

Another night of tough negotiations ended without agreements but with progress.

Minister Bennett will be (if an agreement is signed) Minister of Education, as well as Minister of Diaspora Affairs in charge of contacts with Jewish communities around the world. The Culture and Sport portfolio has been confirmed for Ayelet Shaked.

There are still discussions regarding a portfolio for Uri Ariel, as well as discussions on other roles.

In addition, differences remain on issues related to education (adding a second assistant in kindergartens and education budgets that Bennett has requested such as: summer camps in schools and their expansion, etc.), additional diplomatic issues as well as issues of religion and state affairs, and more.

Patience is a virtue and good progress has been made. We will continue to update you on any additional progress.

Earlier on Wednesday evening it was confirmed that Bennett would be given the Diaspora Affairs Ministry, though one report indicated the Ministry will not include responsibility over Jerusalem, a demand which Jewish Home has been making in coalition talks for weeks.

Instead, responsibility for the rest of Israel will be handed to Bennett, whereas a different minister will be responsible for the capital.

Also on Wednesday, both the Kulanu party and the haredi United Torah Judaism party signed coalition agreements with the Likud.