Car Attack Victim Released From Hospital

20 year-old Shira Klein released from Hadassah Medical Center, will begin rehabilitation in Tel HaShomer. Staff: she is healthier, stable.

Benny Moshe ,

Shalom Yohai Sherki was killed in the attack
Shalom Yohai Sherki was killed in the attack
Israel Police

20 year-old Shira Klein, who was injured in the car attack two weeks ago near the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem, will be released from Hadassah Medical Center for rehabilitation, hospital staff announced Wednesday. 

Klein, who was treated in the Orthopedics ward, will be rehabilitated at Tel Hashomer Hospital. 

"The Shira that came to Hadassah Hospital two weeks ago was in a very bad state," the hospital said. "She is being released much healthier and stable." 

The Director of Orthopedics at Hadassah, Professor Iri Libergal, who handled Shira's case, said that an entire team of orthopedics and neurosurgeons had been working to save her life. 

Klein and her date, Shalom Yohai Sherki were the victim of Palestinian Arab driver Khaled Kutina, who deliberately rammed his car into a bus stop in the French Hill neighborhood.

The attack was originally ruled an “accident” before police confirmed it was indeed a terror attack, with evidence from the scene including the way the car struck the bus stop where the two were waiting strengthening that assessment.