Regev Demands Attorney General Investigate Herzog

Following report on Herzog breach by paying private company to campaign against Yechimovich, Regev calls for urgent investigation.

Ari Yashar ,

Miri Regev
Miri Regev
Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

Likud MK Miri Regev responded to a report on Friday that Labor chair Yitzhak Herzog paid a private company to launch a campaign against his predecessor Shelly Yechimovich, saying she had asked the attorney general to urgently investigate the case.

Israel Hayom reported on Friday morning that Herzog had waged a struggle for years against reforms against human resources companies specializing in nursing, defending the interests of the companies that see profits of billions of shekels and reportedly feared for their profits.

According to A., a former senior member of Labor who spoke to the paper, "close to the end of the struggle, when the Knesset eventually approved the reform, tens of thousands of shekels were transferred to me from a source in the nursing company for managing a negative campaign against then Labor chairperson MK Shelly Yechimovich."

A. described how Herzog enlisted him to fight for the nursing companies, which wanted to hire him to look out for their interests, and how one company paid him generously in the 2013 primaries to run a campaign against Yechimovich benefiting Herzog, who won the primaries.

The company denied the charges, and the joint Labor and Hatnua "Zionist Union" called the report election spin.

Regev released a statement following the report, saying "after the publication this morning in Israel Hayom about a private company close to Herzog that he paid money for a political campaign against Shelly Yechimovich, I turned to the attorney general to launch an urgent investigation and to summon no later than Sunday the company 'rpm' and Buji (Herzog) to give testimony on the issue."

"It cannot be that all the cases connected to Buji are hidden from the eyes of the public, are not reported and are not checked," she said. The statement refers to how Herzog recently took the right to silence in an investigation of his connection to the foreign funded V15 campaign attacking Likud, and several years back likewise kept his silence when questioned by police on an NGO scandal whose funds he managed and which were allegedly used in Ehud Barak's campaign for prime minister.

Regev continued "just as the attorney general launched an urgent investigation on topics connected to the Netanyahu family, to the same degree and commitment I expect him to announce, today, that on Sunday he is launching an investigation into the topic."

"Buji is far from innocent, this is a man with the face of a lamb and the body of a snake," charged the MK.