Israel mourns
Baby Adelle Biton Laid to Rest

Infant terror victim Adelle Biton brought to burial in her hometown of Yakir; 'her murderers want to murder us all.'

Yoni Kempinski, Ari Yashar ,

Funeral of Adelle Biton
Funeral of Adelle Biton
Yoni Kempinski

Four-year-old terror victim Adelle Biton was brought for burial early Tuesday afternoon in her hometown of Yakir in Samaria.

Adelle had struggled to survive since being struck directly in the head by a fist-sized rock thrown by Arab terrorists in March 2013 while riding in the family car outside Ariel in Samaria. She suffered critical wounds, and doctors said Adelle's recovery from the blow was nothing short of miraculous.

For roughly two years Adelle went through rehabilitation, but the severe nerve damage she never recovered from eventually led her to pass this Tuesday after suddenly coming down with pneumonia.

Adelle's mother Adva spoke at the funeral, saying in tears "they didn't give you a chance but you didn't give up for anyone. I didn't agree that they say you don't hear or don't understand, and you proved to me that you hear and understand. You never gave up, my warrior. Those vile people didn't take your beauty even after you were wounded."

"My Adelle, you're my whole world. Yesterday I saw your suffering, struggling for every breath. When they put you on emergency care I said to the Holy One blessed be He - either life or death, enough of your suffering. The Holy One blessed be He decided to take you to Him," added the bereaved mother.

Rafi, Adelle's father, said of the brutal attack that robbed him of his daughter "we must deal with everyone who throws rocks, even if they are a minor, through their parents."

Addressing his departed daughter, he added "I told everyone that I'm prepared to deal with everything just not the emptiness. The sadness and the grief will eat me up. The thought that I won't be able to hug Adelle again destroys me."

"What will I do without you? I'm ready for anything, just not this emptiness," continued Rafi. "You, Master of the Universe, brought me to this condition and You're the only one who can help, either take me or return Adelle to me, Adelle - my little one. ...A life of sadness was decreed on us, and I say: I'm turning the sand hourglass until I will join you or until you return to me. The loss is complete."

Chief rabbi of Tzfat (Safed) Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu eulogized Adelle, saying "on this day we are all the Biton family."

"No one can remain indifferent when they see such a small infant lying before us," added the rabbi. "The people who wanted to murder her want to murder us all. We all cry for the departure of the girl, and we came to strengthen the Biton family. The people of Israel lives."

Also paying his last respects was the chief rabbi of Samaria, Rabbi Elyakimm Levanon, who said "we are not thirsty for revenge, we are thirsty for life."

"But we must know to raise an avenging hand, not as individual people, but rather the Israel police, the Israel Defense Force, the state of Israel. We will continue to add life, we will expel the evil," vowed the rabbi.

"We prayed you would return"

"We saw you grasping onto life, fighting together with your parents," Samaria Region Council Head Gershon Mesika said at the funeral addressing Adelle. "We all believed that you would return to live as normal. We all prayed and hoped, but we were disappointed."

Mesika continued "I salute the parents on their struggle. We separate from you before your time. A great soul in a small body, in your small life you taught us a lesson."

Economics Minister Naftali Bennett was also present at the funeral, saying "what do you say on the grave of a four-year-old girl? What do you say on the grave of a girl who half her life learned to walk, and the second half tried to return to walking? What do you say on the grave of a girl who half her life learned to laugh, and the second half of her short life fought to smile?"

Commending the Biton family on their efforts to save their stricken daughter, Bennett added "Adelle you merited to receive as much love in four years as people merit to receive in forty years."

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein also spoke, saying "in your short life, full of ups and downs, you gave us a great lesson together with your parents. We watched you in wonder and excitement, as you held on to life, after that bitter and hasty night when you, your mother and you, ran into the difficult and lethal rock attack."

After Adelle passed, her parents Adva and Rafi requested that she buried in her hometown, a request that was denied by the IDF Civil Administration tasked with managing Judea and Samaria given that the region has yet to be annexed.

Civil Administration cited the lack of a master plan for a cemetery in a 20 dunam area set aside by the Shomron Regional Council in turning down the request.

Adva contacted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu urgently on Wednesday morning, writing "I demand from you, prime minister, to honor this decision and think not with cold reason but with emotions. As a mother this is my last request."

It remains unclear how the Civil Administration will react to the burial.

Responding to Arutz Sheva’s inquiry on the matter, the Civil Administration said on Tuesday evening, "we send our condolences to the family. The Civil Administration will help as much as possible in locating a burial place.”