Bennett Slams Peri for Chauvinistic Jibe at Shaked

Naftali Bennett responds harshly to Yaakov Peri's claim that Ayelet Shaked is too inexperienced for Minister of Internal Security.

Hezki Baruch ,

Ya'akov Peri
Ya'akov Peri
Flash 90

Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett attacked former Science Minister Yaakov Peri (Yesh Atid) Sunday over his comments about Jewish Home MK Ayelet Shaked. 

In an interview Sunday morning, Peri addressed the claim that Jewish Home was demanding the internal security portfolio for Shaked. 

"The lady is inexperienced. These are things that require more judgment," Peri said. 

In addition to serving in the 19th Knesset as a minister for Yesh Atid, Peri is also a former Shin Bet chief. 

Bennett responded angrily to Peri's criticism, writing on Facebook, "Peri, you've convinced me. I will do everything to ensure Ayelet Shaked will be the next Minister of Internal Security."

"Honorable Mr. Peri: Setting aside your bluntly chauvinistic comment, 'the lady is inexperienced,' your party's Chairman, Yair Lapid, came in with a lot of experience as Finance Minister and demonstrated an impressive performance," Bennett wrote sarcastically. 

"But you talk about judgment? You?" the Jewish Home Chairman challenged. 

"You who preached disengagement from the Golan Heights? You talk about judgment? You, who said a month after the terror massacre at the Park Hotel, we'll offer the Palestinian Authority one or two settlements for one month of quiet from terror - tell me, is that judgment?"

"You who support the establishment of a Palestinian state speak of judgment? How many missiles have to land here so you understand that this is both dangerous and delusional," Bennett thundered. 

"Shaked passed the law against amnesty for terrorists (despite the opposition from your party), passed the referendum law (to prevent people with ideas like yours from arbitrarily throwing Jews from their home) and fought in the war for the non-apologetic Right for her entire life." 

"She is the most appropriate person to take on this important role," Bennett argued. 

"Shaked, a legitimate choice for Minister of Internal Security, will really fight illegal infiltrators into Israel, stop of the notion of concrete block deterrents in Jerusalem, stop cells of terrorists from forming in prisons, restore sovereignty to the Negev and the Galilee, stop the incitement of the Islamic Movement - in short, she will return the personal safety to all of us." 

"Shaked looks reality in the eyes, more any of your kind who give in to terrorism time and again," Bennett stressed.