Shaked: Do You Prefer Dichter or Struk in Knesset?

MK Ayelet Shaked blasts radio host Kalman Liebskind for plans to vote Likud, saying PM needs strong Jewish Home to form gov't.

Shlomo Pitrikovsky, Cynthia Blank ,

Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet Shaked

MK Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) has found a new way to prompt voters to choose Jewish Home over Likud in upcoming elections - ask them if they prefer Likud's #26 candidate Avi Dichter or Jewish Home MK and #14 candidate Orit Struk. 

Dichter, a former Shin Bet chief as well as the Minister of Internal Security from 2006-2009, when he served as a Kadima MK, is considered one of the more liberal-leaning members of Likud. 

Struk, meanwhile, was the chairperson of the Land of Israel lobby in the 19th Knesset, and is the founder of the Human Rights Organization of Judea and Samaria. 

In an interview with Kalman Liebskind on Israel Radio, Shaked pounced on the radio host for a newspaper column in which he indicated his intentions to vote Likud in March. 

"Kalman, I'm in shock over your column. Do you prefer Orit Struk in the Knesset or Avi Dichter in the Knesset?" Shaked asked. 

"The question is not who will be prime minister because it will be Binyamin Netanyahu...I read your column this morning and I was horrified. How can you think to put Dichter [into the Knesset] and not Struk," Shaked attacked, right at the start of the interview. 

Liebskind told Shaked that he tries not to mix the column with his show, and asked to continue the interview, but Shaked insisted on belaboring the point. 

She added: "I want you to promise me that you'll think about it because it sounds completely senseless. Netanyahu will be prime minister but the question is will be it be a right-wing government or a left-wing government."  

Liebskind then asked Shaked why she believed Jewish Home had dropped significantly in the polls - from an estimated 15-18 to the latest 11. 

"The rush of people from Jewish Home to Likud is a serious mistake, probably because we haven't succeeded in passing on this simple message to the public: Netanyahu will be the next prime minister of Israel, but if Jewish Home isn't large enough, there will be no right-wing government here," Shaked replied. 

"We've been punished for [Eli] Ohana, but that's no reason to abandon the government to the left. We must also remember that Jewish the only party who opposed the release of terrorists, and stopped the fourth cycle of releases" during failed 2014 negotiations with the Palestinians. 

"Right now the struggle is whether Netanyahu will set up the next government with a large and powerful Jewish Home, or a weak and plodding Jewish Home," the MK stressed.