ZOA: Obama's Paris No-Show is No Surprise

Obama's record shows that "security considerations" were not his only reason for not appearing at the rally against terrorism, ZOA says.

Hillel Fendel ,

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has issued a strong statement not only criticizing President Barack Obama for missing the massive anti-Islamic terrorism rally in France, but also showing why his no-show was practically a foregone conclusion.

The rally, held in Paris on Sunday, was attended by dozens of national leaders, while the U.S. was represented only by its ambassador to France. By not showing up at "the most important international protest in history against the expanding scourge of Islamic terrorism," the ZOA accuses, "Pres. Obama has humiliated and embarrassed all Americans in front of the whole world, while sending the wrong message to Islamic murderers."

The ZOA lists several reasons why Obama's lack of participation is not surprising. The list provides an important view of the Obama Administration in general, practically two years to the week before Obama leaves office.

Topping the list of reasons is that "Pres. Obama has refused during his entire presidency to even use the term Islamic terrorism. Instead he uses terms such as 'violent extremism' or 'workplace violence'. By refusing to name the enemy at war with the West, it makes it more difficult to focus on actions that need to be taken."

By contrast, France, England and other countries have publicly stated that the West is at war with radical Jihadist Muslims. 

Furthermore, Obama invited the Muslim Brotherhood, a leading terrorist proponent, to prominently attend his first major speech on Muslims and the Middle East in Cairo – even though Egyptian President Mubarak begged him not to do so. Since then, the ZOA avers, Muslim Brotherhood members have attended meetings at the White House and with members of the National Security Council.

Obama's lack of attendance at the rally against Islamic terrorism can also be explained by these two facts: He has released numerous Islamic terrorists from the Guantanamo prison even though they were officially designated as "high risk" for future terrorist attacks, and he called the 2009 slaughter of 13 U.S. soldiers at Ft. Hood by a self-proclaimed "soldier of Allah" an incident of "workplace violence."

Regarding the Israel-PA diplomatic process, Obama has spoken of the "legitimate claims" of Hezbollah and Hamas. He is on record as saying that "everyone knows that," unlike Israelis, PA chief Mahmoud Abbas is "sincere about peace."