Watch: Protest at 'Slaughter the Jew' Art Exhibit

Controversial display of Jewish art transformed into inciteful screed torpedoed as man accuses it of 'spitting' on dead soldiers.

Hezki Baruch, Ari Yashar ,

Technion Computer Science building
Technion Computer Science building
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A protest broke out as the controversial art display at Sapir Academic College had its official opening to the wider public on Tuesday. The exhibit had previously drawn fire but including, among other controversial displays, a hamsa palm-shaped Jewish amulet with "slaughter the Jew" in Arabic written on it in Hebrew letters.

Other offensive works at the college located near Sderot included hamsas with "in blood and fire we will redeem Palestine" and "Daesh" - the Arabic abbreviation of Islamic State (ISIS) - written on them.

Otzma Yehudit chairperson Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, who organized the protest for the opening of the exhibit, posted video from the incident on Tuesday on Facebook, writing "a civilian torpedoed the inciting exhibit - the leftists went crazy. Take a look."

In the video Ran Karmi, a citizen who arrived at the exhibit and who said that his grandfather was a survivor of the Holocaust, broke up the exhibit opening by taking the stage and holding up pictures of the 63 soldiers who were killed in Operation Protective Edge in nearby Gaza.

Karmi shouted "you're spitting on the 63 soldiers who were killed here, you're inciting to murder. Even if there was an attack on Islam I would come and protest because that isn't art."

"I don't look the part of a fiery right-winger with a kippah. I heard what you all said about those outside who came to protest and you said they are fascists, but you yourselves are fascists," charged Karmi.

A clearly leftist participant in the exhibit is seen in the video saying "I'm a resident of the Gaza Belt, we were here during the war and the army abandoned us and didn't defend us. We are class B citizens. It's all because there isn't peace."

Former MK Ben-Ari commented on the exhibit, saying "this isn't art but rather trampling on every national and Jewish value in a cellophane wrapping called art. You wouldn't dare do this to Islam or Christianity."

"This is a celebration of hypocrisy," added Ben-Ari. "I welcome the fact that the students asked us to come and present the sane voice and protest the abomination wrapped up in academia and pretty words."

The protest to the exhibit comes after a student, Dvir Kali, destroyed a hamsa with "slaughter the Jew" written on it and wrote about it on Facebook.

"I did not steal the inciting display," Dvir Kali wrote. "I definitely took it off the wall with contempt, I definitely tore it into small pieces, and I am certainly satisfied with the act of stopping public incitement against the Jewish people."