PM: States Must Oppose PA's 'Diktats' at the UN

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu says PA statehood bid 'puts Israel's future in peril' in meeting with Indiana governor.

Tova Dvorin ,

Pence (L) with Netanyahu
Pence (L) with Netanyahu
Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with Indiana Governor Mike Pence on Monday, noting at the beginning of the meeting that Israel is "under attack" by Islamists and that Israel will reject a bid for Palestinian statehood. 

"Israel and our civilization is under attack," Netanyahu stated. "The attacks come from Iran; the attacks come from the various Islamists. The attack is now coming on Israel from the Palestinian Authority seeking to impose on us a diktat that would undermine Israel's security, put its future in peril."

"We expect the international community, at least the responsible members of that community to oppose vigorously this UN diktat, this UN Security Council resolution because what we need always is direct negotiations and not imposed conditions," he continued. "But I want to guarantee you, to you and to the people of Israel: If the international community does not reject the Palestinian Authority's proposal, we will. Israel will oppose conditions that endanger our future."

Netanyahu's words reiterate Israel's opposition to a PA statehood bid being circulated throughout the UN, which calls for Israel to withdraw from Judea and Samaria by 2017 to establish 'Palestine.' 

Pence is in Israel for a Christmas vacation trip, where he is meeting with several government authorities and local leaders as well in an effort to expand the economic cooperation between Indiana and the Jewish state.  

The governor made headlines Sunday for rejecting an offer to have Christmas dinner with Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, after Abbas approached him last week with the offer to have a car bring him to a "unscheduled and unsolicited meeting." 

Pence has stressed on multiple occasions that he supports Israel, making remarks to the Christian Broadcasting Network condemning current US President Barack Obama's policy on Israel and Jerusalem in 2010. 

But despite this, Pence stated Monday at the meeting that "right now, the United States' support for Israel has never been stronger." 

"The strong and broad bipartisan support for the State of Israel I know will be reflected in decisions that our Congress makes in the months ahead, to preserve the support the United States provides for Israel, to ensure that Israel is able to enter into negotiations, to achieve defensible borders, and secure its own peace," he added.