Security Chief Makes Plea for Aid to Bet El

Security Chief who lost his mother and brother in a terrorist shooting, makes plea to assist Bet El in purchasing security equipment.

Baruch Gordon ,

Bet El (file)
Bet El (file)
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Amidst daily Arab attacks against Bet El, Security Chief Menachem Tzur, who lost his mother and brother in a terrorist shooting, has made a passionate plea to assist Bet El in purchasing necessary security equipment.

A day doesn’t go by in Bet El, according to Tzur, without some type of Arab assault adjacent to the town border. 

Arab holding slingshot adjacent to Bet El fence

There are rock throwings, tire burnings and other disturbances along the town’s periphery, he says.

Arab burning tire outside of Bet El

Large slings like this one release rocks at the speed of a bullet

Another sling outside Bet El

Tzur says that the attacks have raised tensions, and families along the town’s border complain of children wetting beds, and mothers not sleeping at night, etc.

Menachem Tzur feels a sense of mission in his work today as Bet El Security Chief. In 1996, his family was targeted in a shooting when they stopped at a stop sign between Ramallah and Bet El. Ita, the mother, was shot in her stomach and died later at a Jerusalem hospital. Ephraim, Menachem’s brother, died on the spot from a bullet to the head.

Today, Menachem feels it’s his responsibility to be extra vigilant in thinking through every possible terrorist scenario so that no family will have to go through what his family experienced firsthand.

Tzur directing forces in the midst of a recent attack

It is this extra concern that has driven Menachem to extend a plea for help.

“The rock throwings and tire burnings are one level of disturbances. But, there is one soft spot in Bet El’s security plan – the area leading up from the canyon, in which three severe security incidents have occurred in the past three months. First, there was a near lynching of Bet El high school students who were on a hike there. The second and third events were firebombs hurled in the dark of night at two homes, one next to the other, a month apart. All of these occurred in the same general spot; the Arabs are ‘testing the waters.’”

“In my mind,” continues Tzur, “these attacks are tests preceding a far more organized and severe attack in planning – this pattern has happened in other towns. We have an answer to bolster security on this part of town, but the cost is beyond the municipal budget which is tight as is. I call upon fellow Jews and Lovers of Zion the world over not to stand idly by, but rather to help us reach our goal in the next 4 days so that we can swiftly proceed to purchase the equipment needed. I urge you to click below and be a part of the mitzvah of saving lives and strengthening our stand the Land of Israel.”

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