Radical Leftist NIF Booted from Taglit-Birthright

Extremist group behind pro-BDS NGOs announces its partnership with Birthright cancelled for trying to 'influence Israeli policy.'

Ari Yashar ,

Formerly NIF-funded Coalition of Women for Peace
Formerly NIF-funded Coalition of Women for Peace
Flash 90

The radical leftist group New Israel Fund (NIF) announced earlier this month that its partnership with Taglit-Birthright Israel, Birthright Israel NEXT and Young Judea in which it guided trips to Israel for young American Jews has been cancelled.

NIF announced the development in a letter penned by the group's director in the New York Tri-State area Stephanie Ives, which was obtained by Ron Torossian, CEO of the PR agency 5WPR and a regular Arutz Sheva contributor.

According to the group, they had been given three reasons for the cancellation, the first being that "Birthright Israel determined that [NIF's] marketing of the trip was in violation of their policy because our NIF logo was slightly larger than the Birthright Israel logo."

The second reason given, according to NIF, was that NIF seeks "to influence policy in Israel." 

The last reason given was that "Birthright Israel decided to cancel a number of the New York UJA (United Jewish Appeal) trips because of recruitment concerns."

NGO Monitor has shown the NIF to be closely associated with the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement against Israel. In addition, the NIF-funded web channel Social Television was revealed last August to be encouraging violent Arab riots.

NIF was co-chaired by US President Barack Obama's erstwhile "peace talk" mediator Martin Indyk, who reportedly showed a "nasty" anti-Israel bias in a barroom rant in May - allegations he denied.

Indyk's employer, the supposedly independent think tank Brookings Institute, was revealed in September to be funded by Qatar, which is its largest foreign source of funds - and also the largest source of funds for the terrorist organization Hamas that has vowed to destroy Israel.