New Details Emerge on Old City Stabbing

Victim recalls attack by Arab gang Monday night; dismisses claims it was a mutual 'fight'.

Tova Dvorin ,

Stabbing victim in ambulance
Stabbing victim in ambulance
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Two yeshiva students who were stabbed by Arabs in front of Jerusalem's Shuvu Banim yeshiva recounted details of the attack late Monday night, clarifying that their assailants attacked them - and that it was not a mere scuffle. 

"At about 6:00 pm we left the area and turned left towards the Jaffa Gate," one of the students, 32, stated to Walla! News

"Three Arabs jumped on us; I didn't see them coming," his colleague, a 45 year-old man injured moderately in the attack, added to the daily. "One of them stabbed me with a slab of iron or a knife, and it is a big miracle it didn't strike my heart." 

One of the Arabs "shouted something against Jews," he continued. "My friend went to fight him." 

The 32 year-old added that a fight did break out - but that it was the consequence, not the cause, of the stabbing. 

"The big guy was the main one fighting with me," he stated. "I held my Talmud volume in one hand and fought with him until he fell to the ground." 

"All that went through my mind is how to protect myself and in the end, I saw him on the ground," he continued. "He beat me until he ran away." 

'I'm always ready in the event [of an attack]; I'm not afraid," he clarified. "Tonight I will return [to the Old City] again without fear and go through the Damascus Gate without hesitation."

"They will not deter us."