Yehuda Glick: First Photo after Shooting

Indefatigable Temple activist manages a half-smile, just two weeks after being shot point blank.

Shlomo Pitrikovsy, Gil Ronen ,

Yafi and Yehuda Glick
Yafi and Yehuda Glick
Courtesy of the family

Temple activist Yehuda Glick posed Thursday for his first photo since he was shot point blank by a would-be assassin two weeks ago. He is seen in the photo with his wife, Yafi.

"Praise G-d, Yehuda's condition continues to improve,” Yafi told the press. “We are experiencing miracles every day and we see, before our very eyes, how the prayers and powers from the entire nation of Israel reach us. A great thank you is sent to you from me, from the family and from Yehuda, of course.”

Yafi asked that people continue to pray for Yehuda (Yehuda Yehoshua ben Ita Brenda) but refrain from coming to the hospital, since the medical staff feel that it is not yet time for that.

On Tuesday, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein announced that he had received a personal phone call from Glick, who informed him that he had begun breathing on his own without a respirator.

Glick had been speakingminutes before being shot, at an event for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount that had hosted leading religious figures and MKs. 

He has made a slow but steady recovery from the attack, which initially left him in critical condition and on life support, and on Monday he began communicating with his family and friends again through writing

Islamic Jihad terrorist who shot Glick, Mu'taz Hijazi, was killed in a shootout with security forces.