Concrete Blocks Placed at Light Rail Stations

Huge concrete slabs designed to deter future car attacks from terrorists. But is it enough?

Yishai Karov , | updated: 10:25 PM

בטונדות בתחנות הרכבת
בטונדות בתחנות הרכבת

The Jerusalem Municipality has placed concrete blocks near the entrances to the Jerusalem Light Rail on Wednesday night, in an apparent attempt to physically block terrorists from driving their cars into pedestrians. 

The decision to place concrete blocks was issued from Jerusalem District Commander Major General Moshe Edri, who assessed the overall security situation after Wednesday's attack. 

Concrete barriers were set up close to the bus stations near the French Hill/Givat HaMivtar, and later will be placed near the stations along Jaffa, Hertzl, and Chail Hahandasa (Engineering Corps Rd.). 

On Wednesday, Hamas terrorist Ibrahim al-Akari plowed his car into a Jerusalem Light Rail station, before exiting his vehicle and beating bystanders with a crowbar. 

The rampage killed a Druze Border Policeman and wounded ten to fifteen others. 

Hamas released a statement Wednesday night lauding the terrorist as a "hero" and a "martyr." 

This is the third terror attack in two weeks, after a similar incident in October killed a three month-old baby and a seminary student and after the attempted murder last week of Temple Mount rights activist Yehuda Glick. 

Protestors at the site said Wednesday night that the concrete blocks are not nearly enough to prevent further attacks.