Kerry Blasts J'lem Attack for 'Raising Tensions'

US Secretary of State says road rampage 'only makes matters worse,' after third attack in capital in two weeks kills one and wounds 10-15.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 6:48 PM

John Kerry
John Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday condemned a violent road rampage in Jerusalem, saying it was a "terrorist act" that "only raises tensions" in the tinderbox region.

Speaking ahead of a meeting with Jordan's foreign minister in Paris, Kerry told reporters, "That is not just a terrorist act and an ... atrocity, but it only makes matters worse. It only raises tensions."

"We urge everybody to try to step back and find a way to create enough calm and enough space to be able to negotiate these difficult issues," he added.

On Wednesday, Hamas terrorist Ibrahim al-Akari plowed his car into a Jerusalem Light Rail station, before exiting his vehicle and beating bystanders with a crowbar. The rampage killed a Druze Border Policeman and wounded ten to fifteen others. 

Hamas released a statement Wednesday night lauding the terrorist as a "hero" and a "martyr." 

This is the third terror attack in two weeks, after a similar incident in October killed a three month-old baby and a seminary student and after the attempted murder last week of Temple Mount rights activist Yehuda Glick.