Jewish Israeli Injured in Rock-Throwing Attack

Rioting erupts in multiple incidents Saturday; 1 Israeli wounded in rock-throwing attack. No arrests made.

Uzi Baruch ,

Palestinian Arabs burn tires, block Israeli r
Palestinian Arabs burn tires, block Israeli r

Dozens of masked terrorists blocked traffic and burned trash cans on a main road in Abu Tor in Jerusalem on Saturday night, in the latest outburst of unrest in Jerusalem's "silent intifada." 

The rioters also threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at Jewish Israelis, injuring one. The wounded man was treated at the scene; Israel police and Border Patrol forces took riot dispersal measures against the crowd. 

Another rock-throwing attack erupted on Saturday evening near the Light Rail stop in Shua'fat, Police tweeted. The rioters damaged the window of one car, but caused no injuries; police are still locating suspects in the attack. 

Several incidents also occurred this morning, the police stated Saturday night.

A number of Palestinian Arab teenagers threw rocks and firebombs at a tractor sent in by the Jerusalem Municipality to Shiloach (Silwan) on Saturday morning, in order to clear trash and debris from the road. 

Border Police officers were forced to use riot dispersal measures at the scene; no arrests were made. 

The Police stressed in a statement that it would "continue to act against any attempt to disturb the peace." 

The clashes surface amid high tensions in Jerusalem, ahead of the funerals for both the 21 year-old terrorist responsible for mowing down Israelis at the Ammunition Hill train stop on Wednesday night and the Palestinian Arab teenager who threw firebombs at Israeli civilians on Friday. 

Police stated to AFP Saturday night that they are "ready for anything" ahead of the funerals, which are expected to stoke even more violence in the tumultuous Arab neighborhoods of the capital.