Touching: President Backs Anti-Bullying Campaign

President Rivlin posts video of boy's appeal against bullies who call him 'homo' and 'cheerleader'.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

President Rivlin
President Rivlin
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His election just over two months ago was overshadowed by Israel's 50-day war with Gazan terrorists, and many observers wondered if Israel's new President Reuven (Ruby) Rivlin would remain overshadowed by the legacy of his predecessor, Shimon Peres, who gained international popularity by modeling himself as a moderate "elder statesman". 

But it appears that the more down-to-earth Rivlin, who enjoys a uniquely universal popularity among Israelis from all sectors, will take an altogether different approach to the presidency, preferring the role of "a man of the people" which comes much more naturally to him.

While Peres reveled in his international exposure, Rivlin looks set to focus on matters at home. In a touching video circulated last last month, the president took up the cause of a young Israeli boy facing bullies at school.

The video featured 11-year-old George Amira of Jaffa, who became a victim of a bullying campaign over his manner of dress and appearance. Instead of responding in kind, the boy posted a video to Facebook holding up signs with all of the names he’d been called on a daily basis: homo, girl, cheerleader, and the like.

After the video went viral, Rivlin reached out to George and asked to create a new video together. In the film, George and President Rivlin take turns holding up signs which translate as follows:

Do not judge me / Who I am

Look at me / Then at yourself

We are just / The same

Violence / Hostility

Bullying / Racism

These are just some of the bad things / People encounter

Every day / Here in Israel

These are just some of the bad things / The should not be in our country

Let us promise ourselves / That this year we will practice

Tolerance / Empathy

Unity / Equality

Values ​​we /Must adopt in the State of Israel.

The President then posted the collaborative video to his Facebook page with the following comment:

“When I saw the amazing and moving video George Amira posted I asked to meet with him and thank him for this amazing initiative. We must not stay silent in face of violence, regardless of its form. This is not just a problem for the education system, but for society as a whole–we must stop it.”

Watch - George's original video: