Official: 70% of Hamas's Arsenal Decimated

Suffering heavy blows to its military capabilities, Hamas is stepping up its rhetoric - and its executions of dissidents, IDF officer says.

Koby Finkler, Tova Dvorin , | updated: 10:39 PM

Hamas terrorists in Gaza
Hamas terrorists in Gaza
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Most of Hamas's rocket arsenal has been decimated, a senior IDF officer stated Saturday, after the IAF hit multiple terror targets over the past week.

"Rocket fire in the Gaza periphery is related to Hamas's desire and ability to put pressure on Israel," the official told Arutz Sheva on condition of anonymity. "We're talking about 30% of the rockets left now." 

"In my opinion, Hamas's rocket production capabilities have decreased," he added. "Now, under duress, Hamas is also reporting firing rockets at places falsely [to keep up appearances]." Hamas suffered heavy blows last week as well, after three senior terrorists were confirmed killed in IAF airstrikes. 

The official added that Hamas is trying to keep up appearances, so to speak, claiming they are still at full rocket range capabilities and looking to carry out terror attacks inside Israel.

As a result, the official noted, Hamas is also cracking down more on more on the growing dissidence in Gaza - executing collaborators and spreading fear as dissent grows over Hamas's insistence in engaging in a losing battle.

A total of 48 Palestinian Arab "collaborators" were executed by Hamas over the past six weeks, according to both local and international media, in a rising trend of Hamas butchery. On Friday, Amnesty International condemned the terror group for the killings, amid reports that at least 18 more Gazans were put to death by firing squad for allegedly providing information to Israel.

Dissent has been growing in Gaza since Operation Protective Edge erupted on July 8, after Hamas's constant barrage of rocket fire and Israel's response has seen thousands of Palestinian Arabs killed.

Much of the deaths stem from Hamas's insistence on using civilians as human shields, and their refusal to adhere to ceasefires has sparked growing unrest in Gaza; even before then, polls showed growing distrust of Hamas leadership there and up to 80% of residents expressed support for the Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership to displace Hamas rule. 

Unrest has come to a head this month, after several Gaza residents reportedly attacked Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri over the deaths and destruction.