Turkish Hackers Deface Arutz Sheva Hebrew Site

Arutz Sheva Hebrew briefly taken offline by hacking attack; site partially restored.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Turkish hacking group "Turkguvenligi claimed
Turkish hacking group "Turkguvenligi claimed
Arutz Sheva

Muslim hackers temporarily downed Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language website Tuesday, and defaced it with anti-Israel slogans.

The attack was claimed by Turkish hacking group Turkguvenligi, which claims to have previously hacked websites belonging to NATO, Interpol, Nasa and the Pentagon, among other high-profile targets.

In a message addressed to "all the Muslim Peoples", the group singled out US, Israeli and German leaders "Obama, Merkel, Netanyahu" as well as the United Nations and NATO, vowing that they would "pay for your disgusting cruelty against muslim people."

The site is still partially down on some servers, and will be fully restored shortly.

A partial screenshot of the hack-attack can be seen below, with expletives cut out.

Screenshot Arutz Sheva

Arutz Sheva is not the first site to be targeted since the start of Operation Protective Edge. In July, hackers caused a brief period of panic by hacking into the IDF Spokesperson's Unit's official Twitter account and posting fake "reports" that Israel's nuclear plant in Dimona had been hit by a rocket.

Anti-Israel hackers have targeted Israeli and Jewish websites in the past, usually on significant dates such as Holocaust Memorial Day.

A recent hacking attempt by a group of Muslim hackers affiliated with the "Anonymous" hacker collective fell flat, after an Israeli hacker tracked them down, infiltrated their computers and posted their private information online.