Hamas's human 'Iron Dome'
Bennett Asks Hostile Anchor: 'What Would You Do?'

Faced with increasingly malicious media, Israel's most talented spokespeople do their best to explain Gaza civilian toll.

Gil Ronen ,

Naftali Bennett speaks to reporters
Naftali Bennett speaks to reporters
Yoni Kempinski

Faced with increasingly malicious journalists, Israel's spokesmen are doing their best to justify to the world the civilian death toll in Gaza.

It has become a formidable task, by Day 29 of Operation Protective Edge, as sympathy mounts for Hamas's hapless brainwashed human shields, which it used as a flesh-and-blood 'Iron Dome.' Economics Minister Naftali Bennett asked SkyNews's anchor, repeatedly, what she would do if she were being fired at by a person who held up his own child as a human shield. She did not answer.

Other able spokesmen are scoring some success in explaining Israel's position, as well. In an Al Jazeera interview, Jerusalem-based radio host Yishai Fleisher succeeded in throwing his Palestinian opponent off balance and stood up well to the anchor's questioning as well.

Asked how he justifies the lopsided death toll in the fighting, Fleisher said unapologetically: “That is the most ridiculous question I have ever heard in my life. Do you think I'm going to argue morality of war with the jihad? Israel, the small country that has been attacked over and over again?... It's a war, it's a war, and... you may not believe me, from the bottom of my heart I have empathy for the Arabs who are killed, especially the children, it is a disgusting thing, it is a sad thing; it's a fact of life, though, when you war against Israel, you will get back war.”

"If you war against us, we will war back," Fleisher repeated. "After the Holocaust, we are 'a little bit' sensitive to the jihadist mentality, and those people who want to destroy the Jewish people in Israel will face our fire. And if they put their kids in front of them, G-d forbid, that is what happens.”

Another spokesperson who is doing well on the internet is Sharon, a student from Be'er Sheva, who explained Israel's position eloquently in a video that was posted by StandWithUs and has been shared by tens of thousands of people: