Day 15: 100 Targets Hit Since Morning

IDF source: The structure in Khan Yunis from which antitank rockets were fired, killing Evyatar Turg'eman, is a mosque.

S. Pyoterkovsky, R. Sylvetsky ,

Soldiers in Gaza
Soldiers in Gaza
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Summary of Day 15:

Starting in the early hours on Tuesday morning, the IDF attacked over 100 terror targets throughout Gaza.

Among the targets attacked were military structures, terror tunnels, buried rocket launchers, weapons storage and manufacturing sites, homes of activists who are part of the command and control infrastructure, and ground–to-ground missile and rocket launchers, including mid-range rocket launchers. Since the start of the ground operation, the IDF has hit more than 1833 terror targets.

During the morning hours, anti tank rockets were fired at IDF forces from a structure in Khan Yunis. One IDF soldier, Staff Sergeant Evyatar Turg'eman was killed by the rocket fire and several soldiers were wounded. In response, the IAF bombed the structure, scoring a direct hit.

Later on, an IDF force identified a terrorist squad in Khan Yunis firing antitank rockets towards soldiers. In response, the IDF force returned fire, killing four terrorists. None of the IDF soldiers was injured.

In the afternoon an IDF Golani force discovered two tunnel access shafts in northern Gaza, later on, another was identified by the same force.