Put Freed Terrorists Back in Jail, Says MK Struk

Jewish Home MK says mass arrests and use of prisoners as bargaining chips will drive home to Hamas that abductions do not pay.

Shimon Cohen, Gil Ronen ,

MK Orit Struk
MK Orit Struk
Flash 90

MK Orit Struk (Jewish Home) has come up with an idea that she says will turn the tables on the terrorists who abducted three Jewish youths Thursday with the apparent intent of using them for bargaining with Israel over freedom for jailed terrorists.

MK Struk lives in Hevron and knows one of the abductees, Eyal Yifrah, very well, since his grandparents live in Hevron and his father grew up there. In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Struk spoke of the feelings of distress that accompany the knowledge that the abductees are almost certainly being held close to Hevron or inside it.

MK Struk said that while the IDF is making an intense effort to locate the abductees and conducting large scale arrests, this is not enough. The current arrests, she noted, are mostly intended to dig up intelligence information that will lead to the abductees. MK Struk opined that there should be even larger-scale arrests, including terrorists who were freed in various deals and “gestures,” and the Palestinian Arabs should be told that these prisoners will not be freed until the three teens are freed.

Israel must “put an end to this abduction game,” she said forcefully, and terrorists must be made to understand that the only ones who lose at this game are they themselves. “The state of Israel must do what is good for Israel. We cannot continue to be hostages of Palestinian terror. Israel must make clear that the only ones to lose out from abductions will be the terrorists, and never the state of Israel.”

A move like this is more realistic, just and responsible than idea like cutting off electricity to the Palestinian Authority population, and more humane as well. “In a move like this, we do not act against women, children or sick people, only against terrorists,” she noted.

MK Struk ascribed such importance to the issue that she violated the Sabbath to call Minister Naftali Bennett on the phone and speak to him about her idea, which she sees as “life saving.” 

She said that Minister Bennett agrees with her idea completely and that she trusts him to do his best to turn it into reality. 

In Jewish law, the use of electronic implements like telephones is forbidden on the Sabbath, except in life-threatening situations.