Senior Jurist Says Adopt the Levy Report Now

Alan Baker, former FM legal adviser and ambassador, says Oslo Accords are finished, time to declare sovereignty.

Uzi Baruch ,

Edmond Levy presents his report to Binyamin N
Edmond Levy presents his report to Binyamin N
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Attorney Alan Baker, former legal adviser of the Foreign Ministry and former Israeli ambassador to Canada, argued that the time has come to adopt the 2012 Levy Report as the basis for construction in Judea and Samaria.

Baker was a member of the legal committee headed by Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy z''l, who passed in March. The committee reached the historic findings that according to international law Israeli communities established in Judea and Samaria are perfectly legal, and the area does not have the status of "occupied territory."

The committee recommended, among other things, clarifying the legal status of the small "outpost" communities in Judea and Samaria, as well as allowing private construction in the region.

Speaking on the "Nekudat Mifgash" ("Meeting Point") show of Kol Yisrael (Israel Radio), Baker argued that the Palestinian Authority (PA) had breached the 1993 Oslo Accords by requesting to join 15 international conventions unilaterally, signing international conventions, and sealing a unity deal with the terrorist group Hamas.

According to Baker, the chances of renewing the peace talks are minimal, and therefore Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu doesn't have any reason to fear from international backlash if he were to implement the Levy Report.

Baker noted that Levy was greatly disappointed that the findings of his committee, which was commissioned by Netanyahu, were not brought to a ministerial committee and implemented.

Speaking recently at a conference on sovereignty for Judea and Samaria sponsored by Women in Green and the Hazon Leumi (National Vision) students's organization, Baker similarly argued for implementing the report.

"As an international jurist I believe we have a singular opportunity here to declare the Accords null and void, and to act on our own interests, doing what is good and necessary for us. It's all up to the government,” Baker said at the event.